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The ‘Thing’: An Etymological History

kip klein

In the Old Norse, English, and Dutch, an assembly was called a Ding (or Thing). A gathering between assemblies would be known as the Althing. Assemblies were meant to settle disputes and find consensus. The Latin-based languages had a different word for this phenomenon.…

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To listen or read: Fien Veldman was one of the winners of the writing contest. Last week her text ‘The Horizon was chosen as ‘Betoog van het Jaar‘ in de show of Frits Spits, on Radio1: “The first meeting of the Parliament…

The River and the Monkey

Whanganui River

The Whanganui river in New Zealand has been granted legal personhood status in 2012. This river has two guardians, one representing the state, the other a representative of the Maori people. Another example: a white oak tree in Georgia, USA, widely known as…