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Making a book

Making a book

With 25 people we worked on the Parliament of Things in Natura Artis Magistra. In a week (18-24 June) we collected hundreds of stories, references and ideas about the way we can build and develop the Parliament. On this blog…

Join this workshop in Fabcity

kip klein

In April and May Lotte van den Berg hosts a workshop at Fabcity and takes up the challenge to raise a temporary Parliament of Things. She and we invite you to join us in this exploration and to think about the…

Artis lecture

Vis PoT

The Parliament of Things was kicking off the new year with a show in the Planetarium of Artis. A 3D lecture on the emancipation of the natural world, with Joost Janmaat, Fien Feldman and Christiaan Fruneaux. For this occasion, we rebuild the (in)famous Baxter Device…