DDW 2016: Family Tree


ON SHOW, 22 October till 30 October 2016: visit the Parliament of Things at the Dutch Design Week 2016: an intriguing new political structure where non-humans are represented as well – and by themselves, no less. A place of dialogue…

‘Dynamic and contestable’

Cissie Fu

Cissie Fu (Assistant Professor of Political Theory, Leiden University) reflected on the ‘Founding Statements of the Parliament of Things,’ and suggested to leave the notion of statements behind. ‘The Parliament must be build around promising qualities. There are no statements. All propositions…

The Future of Language


“It is by a complementary shift of attention that one may suddenly come to hear the familiar song of a blackbird or a thrush in a surprisingly new manner—not just as a pleasant melody repeated mechanically, but as active, meaningful…

From understanding to knowing

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-05 om 10.46.08

In our workshop Cissie Fu (Assistant Professor of Political Theory, Leiden University) and her students Charlie Groen and Gijs van Manen told a story about the unpleasant route from understanding to knowing: ‘A sincere Parliament of Things (PoT) should start with a thorough…

The voice of the river


The 5th of August 2014: Gail Imhoff takes this picture, just before the Whanganui-river gets a legal voice. We visited New Zealand and the river in 2015 and wrote an article for De Correspondent (in Dutch).     00